"Kings Pride"(PBR) - Soft Leaf Buffalo

Kings Pride is a registered plant cultivar from the species Stenotaphrum secundatum.  It is superior to many other common and selected soft-leaf buffalo varieties.  Kings Pride exhibits a strong lateral growth habit and doesn’t become as tall or puffy as other selections.  This enables it to handle lower mowing heights, and retain a more manicured appearance.

Kings Pride has a bright green colour and is suitable for both full sun or shaded areas.  It handles a wide variety of soil conditions and establishes quickly after transplanting.  Kings Pride has a strong and deep root system, allowing it to handle low moisture conditions.  It is subject to Plant Breeders Rights and is only produced by licensed growers.  Turf Solutions Pty Ltd is the first licensed producer in Queensland. 

From the Kingspride website ..

National trials* have demonstrated that Kings Pride delivers a softer, greener, harder-wearing lawn all year round, whilst saving on time and effort on maintenance. And what’s more, it was first discovered growing wild – what better proof could there be of its natural ability to thrive in Australia’s testing climate?
*A National Trial study has been conducted with the Department of Primary Industries, involving blind testing 14 varieties of buffalo grass at sites across Australia. For the last three years, Kings Pride has consistently been rated in terms of performance in the top group and is quite frequently number 1.
In a national trial conducted so far over three years Kings Pride has been the outstanding shade performer at all sites.

 Please consult the Kingspride website for further information  at www.kingspridebuffalo.com.au

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