Environmental Management System

Turf Solutions Environmental Management System (EMS) demonstrates the company's appreciation of the environment in which it conducts its business. It displays Turf Solutions commitment to conducting its activities in accordance with The Environmental Protection Act 1994 and associated legislation.

The system incorporates all staff, subcontractors and visitors to Turf Solutions as well as to activities conducted on Turf Solutions Premises.

Turf Solutions Environment Management System has been developed in consultation with Jean Cannon, a leading Environmental Specialist, with the aim to be ISO001 accredited.

Environmental Benefits of Turf

  • Provides aesthetic appeal
  • Cools the environment
  • Reduces water run off
  • Reduces sediment loss and therefore protects water quality
  • Reduces loss of soil through wind and water erosion
  • Biodegrades polluting organic chemicals
  • Dissipates heat around urban areas
  • Reduces noise and glare
  • Reduces impact injury during recreational activities

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