Z3 (Zoysia Matrella X Zoysia Japonica) was bred in Hawaii by Tom Statton of Quality Turfgrass.  This hybrid brings some of the best attributes of the zoysia genus together.  It has a bright blue green colour, fine pointy leaves and is suitable in either full sun and partial shade positions.  Z3 is suitable to both domestic and commercial situations.  It has an inviting manicured appearance, is easy to manage and suitable for many environments.

Z3 also grows slowly and requires minimal maintenance.  It looks great all year round and is thick and resistant to wear.  It has excellent selective herbicide tolerance and performs very well with occasional light applications of organic nutritient.

 Z3 Zoysia is also suitable for soil stabilizing in erosion prone areas such as drains, and steep embankments where mowing is a problem. This plant will require very little management in such areas, other than the initial installation and establishment period.  Because of it low growing nature, most drains and embankments will never need mowing.  The appearance and functionality of this turf grass is very impressive, and it will greatly reduce the maintenance budgets for hard too mow areas and areas subjected to erosive water flows.

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