Tropika (Digitaria didactyla syn D. swazilandensis) is a blue-couch.  It is similar to Queensland Blue Couch in colour and appearance, but is hardier and requires less maintenance.  Tropika has a beautiful, natural blue color and a low nutrient requirement.  It is an excellent choice for home lawns, low nutrient coastal sandy soils, schools,  road sides and parklands.

Tropika is allelopathic and has the ability to naturally suppress other grasses and weeds.  Tropika’s root system exudes chemicals that act as pre-emergent herbicides.  It is a safe and reliable way to achieve and maintain a weed free lawn.  This attribute enables Tropika to outperform almost all other turf grasses in maintaining a single species lawn.

Tropika has excellent drought tolerance.  It does not thin out like Queensland Blue Couch in dry periods.  It maintains a dense appearance, not exposing the soil surface to allow weed establishment or erosion.  After rain or irrigation, Tropika quickly regains its lush, natural colour.

Tropika does not produce underground rhizomes, so is less invasive of garden beds than green couch.

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